Our private equity investment goes to different portfolios :

Real Estate



Natural Resources


Healthcare & Technology

Financial Services



Global Real Estate Investing

Our funds generally take an opportunistic approach to global real estate investing. While operating amid widely disparate economic environments, our funds have shared a focus on acquiring assets with strong potential fundamentals at a significant discount to replacement cost. Our funds with due diligence and investment analysis is diversified in different asset of real estate development project in Residential development, Hospitality and resorts, Healthcare development, Student housing development and  Educational center and mix-use development.


Specialization in Telecommunication

Dansou & Company, has identified and undertaken extensive research for investment in telecommunications. We have knowledge and expertise to satisfy our investors and bring maximum benefits. We have a global partnership with private equity investment companies specialized in Telecommunication.


High Demand and Zero Risk Investment

There are energy demands around the world, however our team has identified very strategic areas where there is high demand and zero risk investment in energy. We have a strong network with energy consulting firms, energy investment firms, energy management firms and indirect players in energy project development.



Secured Many Interests

Dansou & Company has had natural resources operations in West Africa and is currently expanding to new markets. We have secured many interests from key owners of different types of land resources. We have a team of experts knowledgeable with the process of securing the most profitable interest in natural resources. We differentiate ourselves, with the consistency of excelling in research and development.



Socially Profitable Agro-investment

Dansou & Company has a strong belief in the success of production, processing and use of: foods, fibers and byproducts from plants, crops and animals. In that vision we have invested in a group of experts in agriculture to request and propose a socially profitable agro-investment project. Our partners from different domains have been satisfied and applauded our vision.


Technology Opportunities

Dansou & Company, with its experts and partners is proposing different healthcare and technology opportunities in emerging economies. Our strong knowledge of the markets and consumers experience allow us to place our fund as a long term profitable investment.


Investments and Training

At Dansou & Company, we offer a variety of resources to our clients. Our strong partnership with different investment and financial allows us to connect our clients with the product that meet their needs.

At Dansou & Company, we also want to share knowledge with youth, women and elders in providing financial education and training to the community.

If you are a financial institution, educator or financial service provider, economic developer and social entrepreneur who wants to get in touch, please contact us.


Return on Investment in Human Capital

The Dansou & Company team values the expertise and talent of people around the world. Dansou & Company has developed a comprehensive accelerator program that allow us to allocate profitable resources in the human resources development. Our capital has made sustainable return on investment in human resources. We believe at Dansou & Company, everyone has potential, we are here to help unleash that potential for a prosperous society.


The Primary Defendant and Developer of Infrastructures in Africa

At Dansou & Company, we believe that infrastructures are vital to a country’s development and prosperity. In that sense, we commit ourselves as the primary defendant and developer of infrastructures in Africa. We have resources and strong partnership to achieve the projects.